In short, Yes. Your GCSE grades can determine what sixth form or college you will go to, determine the qualifications you take next and could be used to assess if your suitable for a course at university.

Many colleges have stringent demands on A-Level entry, and more institutions are now asking for grades A-B in GCSE subjects to continue studying the subject at A-Level standard. Furthermore, your GCSE results are the only real indicator colleges have to go on when assessing entry, so the better you do, the more likely you are to gain entry into higher institutions of learning.

Many university courses will ask for a minimum C grade in English, Maths and the Sciences; anything below could be fatal to your chances of securing a place. Universities will also be looking for a strong record of academic achievement, and this includes preforming well in both your GCSE’s and A-Levels. Lastly, if you are slightly short on the entrance requirements for your preferred university place, a strong set of GCSE grades could be the difference between gaining a place and leaving empty handed.